3 Reasons Why You Should Own High-Quality Reusable Containers

 3 Reasons Why You Should Own High-Quality Reusable Containers

One unmissable observation during this COVID-19 pandemic is that a greater number of people are buying takeaway meals much more frequently. According to a study published by Channel News Asia, there was an increase of 1334 tonnes of plastic packaging waste produced by households in Singapore during the 2-months Circuit Breaker period. That’s a scary amount when we think about the limited landfill space we still have available today.

Fortunately, there are many of us beginning to take active measures to reduce our plastic waste in Singapore today. With heightened environmental awareness and increased environment conservation sentiments spreading across the country, more people are opting out of the disposable plastic culture. When the future of our country and the world is at stake, one-time convenience is hardly a justifiable trade-off.

The best way to start is to start small. One effective way we can do our part for the environment is to bring along our own reusable containers when purchasing takeaway meals. We know it’s difficult to do this every single time, but things always get easier with practice. To encourage ourselves to make this eco-friendly switch, here are 3 key benefits of bringing our own reusable food containers to buy takeaway food.

  1. Sustainable living

Every single time we reject disposable plastic and opt for eco-friendly reusable food containers, we help in the reduction of waste, pollution and even energy consumption that is generally associated with the production of new materials.

The more we use our reusable food containers, the lower the demand for single use plastic products. It is truly a simple act that we can incorporate into our lifestyles to make the world a better place!

  1. Durable and cost efficient

Quality reusable food containers are made to be durable, sturdy, and the best part – leakproof! With a secure lid, we would never have to worry about spills or food leaking all over our bags.

Owning just one quality reusable food container is enough to last us for a very long time. This makes for a very cost efficient one-time purchase! What’s more, we’re sure that nobody enjoys paying extra for takeaway containers, especially when these range from thirty cents up to a dollar. When we pay these ‘small amounts’ repeatedly over a period of time, they add up very quickly! Here’s a quick estimate:

30 cents x 30 days x 12 months = $108

It gets worse when we are buying food not just for ourselves, but for our family members too. Contrast this amount to what we may expect to spend on a high quality but affordable reusable food container – the math speaks for itself!

Investing in a good eco-friendly reusable food container is much kinder both on our wallets AND the environment. We figure that dedicating a few minutes every day to washing our reusable food containers sounds like a pretty good deal overall!

  1. Safe food-grade material

One lesser-known advantage reusable food containers have is that they are made of safe food-grade materials. Did you know that polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic in the world and is often made into plastic takeaway containers? When exposed to heat or just with repeated use, polyethylene breaks down and can release BPA, phythalates and other chemicals into our food. Nothing is more important than our health, and switching to a good quality reusable food container is one of the easiest things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Bonus: Lightweight

We promised you three key benefits, but here is a bonus one. When we switch to eco-friendly reusable food containers made of food-grade silicone (same material which baby pacifiers are made of), we enjoy a bonus benefit: its lightweight material. All we need to do is toss it in our tote, and we are ready to go purchase our takeaway meals. Simple, light and easy.


Making one small change can go a long way in reducing our population’s plastic waste. So, the next time we buy a takeaway meal, all we need to do is bring along an eco-friendly reusable food container!

The Bright Beaver is a homegrown brand in Singapore dedicated to making sure that quality products and sustainability efforts go hand in hand. Our Tubby storage containers are sustainable, cost-efficient, lightweight and made of food-grade silicone – in other words, perfect reusable takeaway food containers. With a sleek and minimalist design, they are the perfect solution to any food packing need.

Psst. And if you’re thinking that Tubby sounds pretty awesome already, here are some bonus features. Tubby containers are all freezer, microwave and dishwasher-friendly. Talk about a hardworking product!

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Save our Earth. From our homes.

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