4 Simple And Inexpensive Upgrades To Elevate Your Kitchen

4 Simple And Inexpensive Upgrades To Elevate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. There is always something to come back to the kitchen for, and it is where loved ones come together to cook and chat. For this reason, it is important to make sure your kitchen looks stylish and neat, and also feels cosy and complete. If your kitchen still feels bare or dull, then perhaps it is time to for some kitchen upgrades.

To elevate your kitchen, you do not actually have to spend a hefty sum on major renovations – all you need is a push in the right direction, and lots of creativity! Here is our take with 4 of the most creative and easy ways to upgrade your kitchen.

1. Update the lighting

Lighting is an essential component in any room. By simply refreshing your kitchen lights, you will easily update the look and feel of the entire space. When selecting the light fixtures for your kitchen, don’t be afraid to spend a bit more time looking for the perfect one. We’d suggest that you go for something which looks modern and timeless, and also to avoid lights that are too dim. We need to see well in the kitchen when we prep our food, so it’s wise to look for lighting that looks clean, bright and elegant. There are many such options in the market, and they are mostly affordable. Spend a weekend shopping around, and bring home the perfect light fixtures for your kitchen!

2. Decorate the walls

Walls can set the mood in a space very effectively. If you are getting bored with the dated colour of your walls, chances are that guests may feel the same way too! To avoid this, instantly create a livelier kitchen space by having your kitchen walls repainted. Choose a cheery colour, or go for some artistic wallpaper to jazz up your kitchen space. You could even hang up some framed prints of your favourite modern art or kitchen quotes. We’ve also seen how some of our friends display unique dishware or collectable kitchen items on open shelves. All these are great tips for you to turn your kitchen into a vibrant, artistic space!

3. Purchase up-to-date kitchen appliances

Sometimes, all that a boring kitchen needs is new appliances. If you think about it, good quality and solid appliances are really the backbone of any kitchen. After all, they determine how functional and complete a kitchen is. To give your kitchen a more refined look and also to increase its functionality, replace your old and wonky kitchen appliances with new, up-to-date ones.

For instance, if your traditional blender is getting cranky, still needs to be connected to a power outlet to run, and basically on its last legs, you should definitely consider replacing it with a USB rechargeable blender like The Bright Beaver’s jão portable juice blender. By investing in such an affordable and top quality kitchen appliance, you can be sure that your kitchen will remain highly functional and on top of the changing times.

4. Invest in sustainable kitchen storage solutions

Having enough space is another vital aspect of a good kitchen. A kitchen that looks messy and cluttered would of course not be inviting. To create that minimalist, sleek look that is so highly coveted these days, you can do something to visually open up your kitchen space. Think open shelves for displaying your everyday kitchen items like cookware, condiments, or statement decorative items.

In addition, investing in sustainable kitchen storage solutions is another excellent way to cut clutter and maximise your kitchen space. Opting for sustainable products also means that you are contributing to the conservation of our environment at the same time! Sustainable storage solutions such as those from The Bright Beaver’s Tubby and Prota Roll collections will help you to almost effortlessly organise your kitchen. Look forward to a neat, efficient and much more spacious kitchen!


Making your kitchen look and feel more comfortable, complete, and elegant does not always have to cost a fortune. With some simple upgrades, such as lighting updates, sprucing up walls, buying efficient appliances, and utilising sustainable storage solutions, you can already bring your kitchen to the next level!

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