A Beginner's Guide: How To Pack The Perfect Lunch For Work

A Beginner's Guide: How To Pack The Perfect Lunch For Work

Purchasing takeaway lunches every day can get pretty expensive, especially if your office is located in an area that does not have many affordable food options. In fact, a poll conducted in 2018 found that Singaporeans spend an average of approximately $12 per meal on weekdays. With inflation and the current rising costs across the board now in 2022, this means that you could be spending upwards of $60 per week on lunch alone – an amount that could easily buy you a week’s worth of groceries!

Cost-efficiency is just one of the many reasons why you should pack your own lunch to work. Besides, contrary to popular belief, being budget-conscious doesn’t mean eating the same boring dishes over and over again. To help you out, we have put together this beginner’s guide on packing the best lunch for work.

Leftovers are your best friend

Have a bunch of leftovers from dinner? Instead of throwing them out, pack them up in fridge-safe containers. Just imagine the amount of money you will be saving from eating those leftovers instead of spending money on another $12 lunch.

What’s more, you would be doing your part to reduce food wastage. Did you know that food waste is one of the biggest contributors of the waste generated in Singapore? Accounting for about 11 per cent of the total waste generated in the country, the amount of food thrown away every year is equivalent to 2 full bowls of rice per person per day! These shocking numbers further prove that we should do our part wherever possible to reduce the amount of food going in the trash.

If you think that eating leftovers is boring, think again! You could reinvent your leftovers with just a touch of creativity. For example, create a scrumptious sandwich with leftover meats or add cooked vegetables to a salad.

Pack meals that reheat well

The last thing you would want on your lunch break after a morning of hard work is to have a cold lunch. Hence, it would be best if you pack foods that reheat like a dream. Generally, rice, soups, pasta and stews are all great candidates for reheating well in the microwave. With the flavours sealed in the food overnight, it usually tastes even better than the first day you made them too! We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a win-win situation – convenient yet delicious food.

Of course, when using reheating your packed lunches, it is crucial to ensure that the containers used are microwave-safe. Microwave-safe containers, such as glass, ceramic or silicone containers that have been labelled safe for microwave usage are preferable for reheating your meals.

Say no to sogginess

If you are planning to pack foods that do not require reheating, such as salads or sandwiches, there is a concern that they may turn soggy by lunchtime. It is safe to say that nobody wants a soggy sandwich or salad.

A simple way to prevent your meal from turning soggy is to pack your dressings separately from your salad. That way, when lunchtime rolls around and it is time to tuck into your meal, you can pour the sauce over your greens and have a fresh salad to fill your belly! Similarly, if you intend to bring along a sandwich for lunch, consider packing the bread separately from the fillings and have a little DIY session assembling your sandwich when it is your lunch break.

Invest in a high-quality container

Finally, all of the tips above would not be very helpful if you do not have reusable takeaway food containers. After all, where would you store your packed lunch if you didn’t have a reusable container? When shopping for proper food storage solutions, it is vital to keep a look-out for the essential qualities of any food container. When packing the perfect lunch to work, it is important that the reusable container you choose to purchase has these particular features. For example, it should be airtight to keep your lunch fresh and prevent any spillages, as well as safe to pop in the microwave for reheating purposes.


Packing the perfect lunch for work does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. With this beginner’s guide, you will be able to pack delicious lunches with ease, save a ton of money and do your part for the environment.

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