Prota Roll – Reusable Silicone Zip-lock Bags

Tired of having to repurchase plastic bags every few months? If you are on the hunt for reusable silicone zip-lock bags in Singapore, look no further. Here at The Bright Beaver, our Prota Roll collection features reusable silicone bags of two sizes – The Little Snacker and The Efficient One are 500ml and 1500ml respectively.

The Little Snacker is ideal for portioning out your ingredients when meal prepping. Bought some meat and need to portion it out for various meals throughout the week? The Little Snacker has got your back. You could even marinate your foods and leave your bags in the fridge to keep fresh until you have to use them!

The Efficient One is great if you have cooked up a large pot of soup that you now need to store away to be consumed over a couple of days. Because of its larger volume, you could even store your fruits and fresh greens in them.

What sets the Prota Roll Collection apart from conventional zip-lock bags is the inclusion of a clasp lock. This makes our Prota Roll reusable silicone bags the perfect snack bag. Forget about wasting multiple plastic bags to keep our breakfast buns or bread! With a handy clasp lock that helps to keep Singapore’s humid air out, food will stay fresh for longer. Prota Roll reusable silicone bags are also really child-friendly so your little ones can access their snack bag independently with ease.

Our Prota Roll reusable silicone zip-lock bags are adaptable to your every need. Its sturdy base allows for it to stand upright, which is helpful especially if you need to store soup or stew. You will no longer have to suffer the frustration of using flimsy plastic zip-lock bags! When not in use, the bottom hooks allow for our Prota Roll reusable silicone bags to be rolled up and stored away conveniently. This minimises clutter and helps save a ton of space in your kitchen.

These convenient and sustainable reusable zip-lock silicone bags come in three classic colours -- white, blue and green.