Tubby – Stylish Reusable Food Containers

If you are looking for reusable food containers in Singapore, our eco-friendly Tubby collection is the perfect solution for all your food packing needs. No matter if you are packing snacks to munch on for a picnic, storing away leftovers from dinner or bringing along your reusable food container to purchase a take away meal, our Tubby collection has got your back.


Tubby eco-friendly takeaway containers come in two different sizes -- The Perfect Packer and The Mini Packer. They are 700 ml and 250 ml in volume respectively and come in handy for every imaginable situation. The Perfect Packer is ideal for packed lunches for school or work. The Mini Packer is really useful for storing little treats to snack on throughout the day. It is so lightweight, making it perfect for storing baby treats for independent toddlers too!

Our collection of reusable food containers is BPA-free. Being BPA-free means that the organic compound Bisphenol A was not used in its production process. This is important because frequent exposure to Bisphenol A can bring risks to one’s health by causing disruptions to the body’s hormones. Our collection of reusable food containers are also FDA-approved, so rest assured that your Tubby containers are completely safe to use!

Tubby take away containers are able to withstand high and low temperatures. When packing dinner leftovers or next day lunches, simply transfer your food into a Tubby container and chuck it in the fridge or freezer. Our eco-friendly containers are microwavable, so you do not have to worry about having cold leftovers for lunch. Whether you’re bringing it to the office or having your lunch at home the following day, Tubby ensures you’ll enjoy a piping hot lunch at the greatest convenience. Tubby is also dishwasher-friendly and able to withstand detergent and wash sprays without damage. However, if you do not own a dishwasher, fret not as our reusable food containers are really easy to wash!

Besides its functionality, our Tubby containers come in two stylish colours – cornflower blue and pine green. They look so good, your colleagues or loved ones will surely be in awe of your sleek takeaway container!