Dishwashing Bio-Sponge

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Scrub and wipe

Our Bio-Sponge is everything you want in a dishwashing sponge. In case you didn't know, conventional sponges are made of plastic! Those little scraps of blue and green at the bottom of sponges are made of nylon and polyester. The more you use them, the more these micro plastic rub off onto your utensils, get into your drains, and flow into the ocean.

While a sponge may be the last thing people fuss over, you won't want go back to the off the rack sponges once you try our high-efficiency, plastic-free, natural and biodegradable Dishwashing Bio-Sponge. 

Check it out

1. The conventional store bought sponges contain microplastic, are flimsy and allow bacteria to build up easily. Our Dishwashing Bio-Sponge is made of 100% natural wood fibre. This makes it much stronger than the conventional synthetic sponges, and last you much longer.

2. Our Dishwashing Bio-Sponge is SUPER absorbent, doesn't trap any of the oily liquid on our utensils. Cleaning is done so efficiently! 

3. There is also ZERO shedding for our Dishwashing Bio-Sponge. Scrub away with peace of mind!

How to use it

Before your first use, wash off the surface humectant applied to protect the wood fibre. After rinsing, the Dishwashing Bio-Sponge is ready for use! It hardens when dried, so dampen it completely to soften it before each use.


  • 100% natural wood fibre
  • Fully biodegradable
  • 0 microplastics
  • Highly effective and clean


11 cm (Length) x 7 cm (Width)