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Jão it, Anytime – Portable Juice Blender

In Singapore’s fast-paced society, finding respite can be challenging. Many may find it difficult to find pockets of time to unwind and indulge in some proper self-care. For the busy and time-pressed souls out there, we present a simple solution: jão it, anytime

Our jão portable juice blender is so easy to use and clean, it’ll change your life. Cordless and conveniently rechargeable with a USB, it allows you to treat yourself to a scrumptious smoothie or a healthy juice, anytime and anywhere.

Check it out

  1. Six-blade blender: Forget about the hassle of cutting and chopping ingredients into tiny pieces. Our cordless six-blade blender cuts right through chunks, so you can simply toss your desired fruits in!
  2. Optimal blending duration: Your juice or smoothie can be ready in just 40 seconds. When the blending is complete, simply pour it out to enjoy, or drink it right from the glass.
  3. Fuss-free washing up: Washing up can feel like a chore, especially if you are pressed for time. That’s why our juice blender is designed to make washing up so fuss-free. After enjoying your delicious smoothie, all you have to do is rinse the dregs out, pour washing liquid in, then power up your cordless blender once more. In 40 seconds, your jão is clean and ready to go.
  4. User-friendly: Our portable juice blender is exactly the size of a tumbler. Compared to the conventional blender, our jão blender does not clutter up your kitchen and you can bring it with you anywhere in Singapore.

Why get it?

  1. Food-grade safe glass cup: The glass cup of our juice blender is heat resistant and recyclable. Say goodbye to stubborn food smells which don’t go away even after washing!
  2. Leak-proof rubber seal: The effective rubber seal of our jão portable juice blender prevents any spillage, making it perfect for those who want to bring their smoothie cups out and about. No matter if you invert it, lay it flat on the table or toss it in your bag, nothing leaks or spills.
  3. Safe blending process: Anytime your jão lid isn’t sealed tight, the blending won’t start. This prevents any accidents or nasty shocks from occurring.
  4. Convenient: Our jão juice blenders are cordless and rechargeable with a USB, making them incredibly convenient for anyone. No matter where you are, with the right ingredients, you can make yourself a delicious smoothie or healthy juice anytime.