Tairos Collapsible Silicone Cup

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Sip in style

Tairos our collapsible cup is finally here! Bring it along to take away your favourite kopi-o or iced latte with oat milk in. (HOT TIP: Starbucks gives you 50c off when you bring your own tumbler (e.g., Tairos!) to buy your drink in!)

Made using our greatly loved high quality, food-grade silicone, it's excellent for both piping hot and ice cold drinks. Sip in style with the custom-matched straws which come with each of our collapsible Tairos cups.

Check it out

1. Bring it with you whenever you go out, just in case you decide to buy a drink. Once collapsed, it takes up so little space, you'll hardly notice it in your bag. Plus, help to cut down on plastic waste and save the environment whenever you use it!

2. Using the carabiner, hang it along the back seat of your car, behind your pram, or just on your bag strap! Be ever ready for when you need to take away a drink outside. Super convenient!

3. Use it as a water tumbler. Stores hot and cold water well. It looks so good, you'll want to drink from it all the time. Say hello to good health!

How to use it

Store your hot and cold takeaway drinks in our Tairos collapsible cup. Or just use it as an everyday water tumbler. With our high quality, food-grade silicone cups, there will be no more microplastic scares! Perfect as drink tumblers for our kids too!


  • BPA Free
  • FDA Approved
  • Microwavable
  • Able to withstand high and low temperatures
    • -50°C to 240°C


550 ml (Grande volume at Starbucks is 470 ml)


Standing:  15 cm (Height) x 8.5 cm (Width) 

Collapsed: 6.5 cm (Height) x 8.5 cm (Width)