The Handy Helper 1500ml

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Hello, Prota

If the need to constantly buy and throw out flimsy plastic bags is starting to annoy you (and make you feel guilty), Prota is the solution. 

Packing food in a sleek, reusable bag definitely looks more chic and environmentally-friendly than if you do it in a crummy plastic bag. 

Check it out

  1. Store raw food or fruits and vegetables: Great for portioning raw food before freezing, or batch freezing prepped meals. TIP: Marinate food in the same bag!

  2. Store soup or oily stews in it: Need to lay it flat? Bounce it around? Invert it for a couple hours? No problem! It's completely leakproof. 

  3. Store your snacks: Can't finish the crackers in one sitting? Bringing a separate portion to the office or to school? Prota keeps your snacks nice and fresh.

How to use it

The Handy Helper (1500ml)
Store two portions of pasta, a huge broccoli, or lots of overnight rice.
Fits two 300g fillets or two big squids.


  • BPA Free
  • FDA Approved
  • Microwavable
  • Able to withstand high and low temperatures
    • Seal: -40°C to 98°C
    • Silicon bag: -40°C to 250°C


The Handy Helper (1500ml): 28cm (Top) x 21cm (Height) x 26.5cm (Bottom)